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FlatZap Photo Management System

FlatZap offers a geo-specific cloud-based photo management platform for your business. The service utilizes the FlatZap mobile App to capture photos by location and then transfers these photos to a Web-based dashboard for easy office integration.

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The FlatZap free trial provides full access to all the features of the platform. Also, there is no limit to the number of Users you can include in your trial account.

Capture Photos by Location.

Capturing photos with the FlatZap App is easy and automatic. On first capture at a new location, the location is identified, a radius is created around the location and all images now or in future captured within the radius are organized by that location.

Powerful Desktop Dashboard.

All photos captured by Users within your company are organized by location on your FlatZap Dashboard. All images are instantly searchable by partial address, location name or keyword. Empower productivity in your back office.

Save Money.

Never again misplace the critical photo that proves the work is done, the material was delivered, the pre-existing condition did exist and countless other scenarios that arise in doing business that can cost you money!

Save Time.

By moving photos from field to office automatically and instantly saves tons of time and productivity wasted in getting those photos to the right people within your company.

Details, Details, Details.

All photos captured have a date/time stamp, who captured the photo, address and even the latitude/longitude. Capture text or audio notes with photos.

Preserve and Protect.

You own the photos! Never again will you rely on employees to bring photos into office. Never again will you lose critical photos when an employee leaves the company. The company owns all photos instantly. FlatZap also employs best practices in encryption, data back-up and storage methods to safeguard all your company photos.


The FlatZap Photo Management Platform will create an automatic system of photo collection and organization by location to ease communication and logistical burdens between personnel within your organization. What had required conversations is now an automatic process.


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