What is FlatZap?

FlatZap is an app-based service designed to capture, organize and share photos and videos by location.

How Does It Work?

Upon opening the FlatZap app and completing the registration, users can capture a photo or video. Upon capture the user has the option to create a location folder by capturing an image at a physical location. All photos captured at that location will be saved in same folder. Images are stored in the cloud and available on line at FlatZap.com. Folders can also be shared with other users for common collaboration.

Where are my photos and videos?

Small sized images are cached on the mobile device within the FlatZap app and full-sized images are stored in the cloud on our secured FlatZap servers. By moving the images into the cloud, users have full access to their images and account through the FlatZap website.

Can I share a folder?

Yes! It is very easy to share a FlatZap location folder just by clicking the share icon on the app or web portal. A dialog box will appear where you enter the email address of the user you would like to share the folder with. Once the new user downloads the FlatZap app, they can view the shared folder and add to that folder when capturing images at the same location.

Can I share a photo or video?

Yes! It is very easy to share individual or multiple photos or video by multiple methods available from the thumbnail or individual photo views.

What is "Set Radius" in settings?

The set radius setting allows the user to establish a radius around a specific location where all photos or videos captured within this radius will be stored in the same folder. The default radius setting is 300 feet. The radius is established around the first image captured.

Can I rename or delete a folder?

Yes! In the location folder screen swipe left to rename or delete the folder. Only the owner of a shared folder can rename or delete the folder.

In a shared folder how can I see who captured photo or video?

When viewing a photo or video, tap on the top of the header above the image and an overlay will provide the details of the image.

If I return to the same location and capture more photos or video will FlatZap know to place in existing folder for that location?

Yes. As long as you are within the radius of an established location the images will automatically be placed in the location folder. It does not make a difference when the images are captured.

What is Pin on Map?

Users can edit inaccurate addresses provided by GPS by selecting to place a pin in the map to manually override GPS and establish the correct address.

Can I access my folders on my desktop?

Yes! FlatZap.com provides full control of your folders and images. You can also share and download images to your hard drive.

What is "Sync Now" in settings?

Images are synced with the cloud from the app automatically. However, the sync now setting allows you to override the automatic sync manually.

What is the domain name and login for Web access to my account?

To access your FlatZap account online, visit www.flatzap.com and use the same email and password you created to log in to the FlatZap app.