Folder Sharing

To share a location folder so you and another user can view and capture photos or videos at the same location just tap on share icon in location folders screen.

Folder Location

If GPS is giving you a address range and you need a specific address for folder name just select create name and type in address for folder name.


Go to Video Tutorials in app settings to see videos on how to use the app and Web portal.

Creating a Unique Folder Name

If you are capturing photos or videos at locations you visit often consider taking a moment to create a unique name for the location. For example Store #25 that way it will be easily identified for future visits or if you share with others.

How to Swipe to Delete or Rename Folder

In location folder screen swipe left to rename or delete folder

Sharing Teams

Once a folder has been shared and accepted a group icon will appear in location folder. If you tap on this folder you can see you all is sharing this folder and the owner of the folder.

Image Detail

On single image view tap on the header at top of screen and you will get lots of detail about the image including who captured the image, date of image and size of image.

Creating a Radius

In settings you can establish a radius around a location. The radius is established from the first image captured at the location. All pictures or videos captured within this location is placed in the same location folder. The default radius in the app is set at 300 feet. This can be changed in settings.

Adjusting Image Size

Image size can be adjusted in settings.

Sync With Cloud

The FlatZap App sync's with server when images are taken but if you need to manually create a sync just go to settings and select "sync now" from menu. This area will also so last date/time of sync.

GPS Limitations

FlatZap relies on third party GPS technology to establish device location and create a location folder. There are technical challenges with GPS technology that can affect the functionality of the FlatZap App. This has to do with the this underlying technology limitations and is not a flaw in the FlatZap software. You may find limited effectiveness if using the App underground or under a metal roof structure. Move to a clear line of site to the sky to improve performance of the GPS location capture.